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Heroes 100

An Icon Challenge Community - Make a Claim Today!

100/50 Icon Challenge for Heroes
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100/50 icon claim challenge for heroes

Hello, and welcome to heroes_100. This is an icon challenge community for the show Heroes.

Here, you have the chance to claim a subject and create 50 or 100 icons in an alotted time. A fun little challenge for icon n00bs or experts. Or, you can just lurk, and look at the wonderful icons people are bound to make! Credit as they say and comment!


(Based on xmen_100icons's rules.)

This is how it works

1. The first thing you must do is join the community.

2. Then you must make a claim at the claims post to claim your subject. Your subject can be a character, an actor of the show, a pairing, an episode, an issue or two of the comics, or a season. If your desired claim is already claimed, then ask over at the Wish List

3. Choose the amount of icons. You can choose either 50 or 100. If you choose 50, then you will get six weeks to finish your claim. If you choose 100, then you will get twelve weeks

4. What are you waiting for? Make your icons! Keep the icons LJ-sized (as in, less than 40kb, less than 100x100, and a .jpg, .gif, or .png)

5. If you scroll down the page, you will find the Themes. These themes must be half of your claim. This means, if you claim 100 icons, you must use all 50 themes. If you claim 50, you get to choose 25 of your choice. But, you don't need to make your icons in order of the themes. Do them in any order you want.

6. Your icons must be new and made specifically for the challenge. (or else it's no fun, right?)

7. Each claim can only be claimed by ONE USER at a time.

8. It is not necessary to post all your icons at once. It's better to post them in batches, so I know that you didn't make a fake-claim. In fact, if you don't post any icons within two weeks of your claim, then I will ask you whether or not you really want to do the challenge.

9. You post a teaser of no more than three icons. All the rest of the icons must be behind a cut, or a fake cut. Yes, you are allowed to make fake cuts. You can also cross-post your icons to any other comms that you want. Just please, post all batches here, so then I can see your progress. :D

10. When posting a batch of icons, it's nice to say how many icons you have completed thus far. Also, you don't need to post a batch for every 2 icons. A new batch should have more than 10 new icons.

11. If you cannot complete your icons in time, you can ask for an extension. I will give you two weeks to finish.

12. When your done, post the last batch to the comm, and the comment over at the Archive. The icons will be placed in the memories and there will be a banner made for you. If you don't comment there, you won't get a banner.

13. Just to see whether or not you read this. WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR CLAIM: in the title of your comment write, "Holy ****" (Replace the stars with whatever you please. :D)

1. Scared 2. Alone 3. Love 4. Hunger 5. Eyes
6. Smart 7. Blue 8. Angry 9. Desire 10. Fight
11. Funny 12. Peaceful 13. OMG 14. Dance 15. Betray
16. WTF?! 17. Pain 18. Happy 19. Hope 20. Pride
21. Danger 22. Oh Shit 23. Crazy 24. Disbelief 25. Snarky
26. Revenge 27. Pissed 28. Sleepy 29. Friends 30. Temptation
31. Lyrics 32. Sneaky 33. Luck 34. Apart 35. Fear
36. Time 37. Black & White 38. Family 39. Secret 40. Wish
41. Evil 42. Annoying 43. Dream 44. Lie 45. Regret
46. Work 47. Try 48. Thoughtful 49. Beautiful 50. The End

FAQ #5 How do I make those icon tables people use?
Well, assuming you're HTML impaired, here is a link to a nice one you can make yourself. Just replace the themes with the ones listed above. If not that you can use one from here

You want to ask a question? Well go to the FAQ!

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