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24 August 2008 @ 10:11 pm
Welcome Post  
Welcome back to heroes_100 ! We are offically back and getting back in to the groove of things.
First things first though....
All claims have been wiped clean, I am reopening the community as if it were brand new.
There will be some small changes but nothing drastic.

So you can now have new claims but commenting to this post here.
The hall of fame will have the previous finsihed claims still listed, not to worry there I am not going to delete any record of finished posts!
The waiting list is here.
Check out the Rules and guidelines here on the profile. Not alot has changed at all. 
And of course the FAQ.

If you want to affiliate with us please comment to this post only.
All types of communitied accepted.
If you are a member you will have your community automatically accepted without scrutiny as long as it is active.